Below are the proposed categories for specific and related degree progammes.

Degree Program (Or any related field) Recommended Category
Law, Business, Information Science, Tourism Management, Agriculture, Food Science, Geography, Natural Resource Management, Arts, Anthropology, Criminology, Social Work, Public Administration, Community Development, Psychology, International Relations, Disaster Managment, Linguistics, Political Science, Literature, Kiswahili, Guidance and Counselling, History, Archeology, French, German, Sport Science, Religious Studies

Category 1 or Category 2 

Education, Special Needs, Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Textile Design Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Nursing, Medical Laboratory, Public, Community and Environmental Health, Clinical Medicine Category 3 
Communication, journalism, Film Technology, Performing Arts Geosciences, Metereology, Geology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Geo-informatics, Geo-spatial, Remote Sensing Category 4 
 Engineering, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Technology
 Architechture, Quantity Survey, Arts (Design), Construction Management,  Urban Planning
Category 5


Below are the steps for purchasing the laptops.

1. Create an account at by

Please note, the account can only be created using institutional email address.

Click on "Login" and click on "create new account" 

2. View the selected categories of laptops and their specifications available

You can visit "LAPTOP SPECIFICATIONS" menu and select specific category to view their prices.

3. Click on "book a laptop" to begin the laptop booking process.

This is a step by step process and will guide you till the end,

5. After booking.

The lists of all devices booked will be processed by KENET and shared with the vendors after 14 days and the vendors will communicate on the payment process and collection.