Laptop Booking Process

1. Register on the SLPP Portal here
2. Login using username and password you supplied during registration
3. Select "Book a Laptop" from the main menu to initiate the laptop booking process
4. Select a laptop of your choice, vendor, collection point, purchasing plan and submit to complete the laptop booking process.
5. Received bookings will be consolidated on a weekly basis and sent to the university for validation. (Confirmation that you are a bonafide student/staff/faculty of the university)
6. Validated bookings will be forwarded to the respective vendors for processing.
7. Vendor shall write to the individual purchasers  and share payment details.
8. Purchaser makes payment (full amount for outright purchase and 15% commitment deposit for Lease-to-Own purchasing plan)
9. Vendor shall write to the purchaser acknowledging receipt of payment of payment
10. Vendor shall dispatch the laptop to the purchaser (at the selected collection point during booking).
11. Purchaser acknowledges receipt of the laptop and inspects the unit to confirm that it has been delivered without any defects or physical damage.